Digger Plant 2
Digger Plant 2 2
Digger Plant 2 3
Digger Plant 2 4
Digger Plant 2 5
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Digger Plant2 infill panel
Digger Plant2 infill panel
Digger Plant2 infill panel

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CarGO Digger Plant2

The innovative CarGO Digger Plant2 range provides a modern, advanced and compliant transport solution for many tracked excavators and plant machines such as chippers and shredders. With obvious appeal to larger organisations the ideas pioneered in Digger Plant2 also translate to medium and small size fleets interested in efficiency and safety. Being a part of the Brian James Trailers portfolio, CarGO Digger Plant2 embodies low and flexible design for optimal distribution of weight and stable towing performance.

From £1,669
CarGO Digger Plant2 brochure & price list