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T-Transporter  (from £3,239)
Keeping to tradition the new T Transporter range is fit for all modern vehicle transportation requirements. Built with commercial as well as private transport in mind, every aspect of the operation is simple and efficient. To provide for any eventuality T Transporter can be configured with the ultimate in low loading equipment. Combine the benefits of a hydraulic tilt-bed and the advantages of long loading ramps to provide loading angles as low as 5 degrees.
Hi-Max  (from £3,319)
The Hi-max offers automotive logistics and recovery professionals the rare combination of high load capacity, wide load area, low angle loading ability and a highly professional image. The Hi-max can cope with sports cars to 4x4's plus handle the tens of thousands of miles a year expected in the job, while at the same time representing an entirely affordable solution.
A2 Transporter & A4 Transporter  (from £1,919)
The Transporter range represents the ultimate evolution in trailer design. With a strong, durable galvanised chassis, low bed height and a range topping 3000kg gross capacity. Transporter trailers are perfectly suited for vehicle recovery, professional transport and motorsport alike. The design is set up to provide an extremely low centre of gravity for safe and stable towing, and many unique features including easy glide out ramps saving time and frustration.
CarGO Connect  (from £2,429)
CarGO Connect is the most adaptable commercial goods and vehicle transport trailer. To provide complete flexibility a whole host of new and unique solutions allow re-configuration on demand. Every available option can be added or removed at anytime, from brand new, or whenever required in the future.
C2 Blue and C4 Blue  (from £1,519)
The BLUE trailer range represents the essence of Brian James Trailers’ core values. Those being quality you can depend on at competitive prices, offering real value for money. This new trailer features a coloured body trim in sargasso blue, centre deck and a set of high grip punched ramps as standard.
Race Transporter 5  (from £13,319)
Race Transporter 5 introduces the most technological and innovative development to date, set to redefine enclosed vehicle transportation. Offering a significant choice of sizes and specifications from entry level, right through to fully featured professional racing equipment designed to provide everything for a successful race season.
Race Sport  (from £7,469)
The brand new Race Sport is in every sense a Brian James Trailer from the coupling to the tail lights. Advanced design and product quality at this level is not unusual for Europe’s leading car transporter trailer designers. What is, considering its class leading features such as a standard daylight roof, standard gullwing doors, standard access hatches and a composite GRP body is the not-so-standard price.
Race Shuttle 3  (from £7,359)
The Race Shuttle 3 features an array of innovations to make transporting rally or race cars a relaxed and secure exercise. Race Shuttle 3 features a white high gloss aerodynamic upper body, dark grey lower bodywork, and a low bed. Wind drag is reduced whilst improving fuel consumption. Long aluminium loading ramps ensure low ground clearance vehicles are well catered for. Recently the range has further expanded with new 2,000 kg & 3,000 kg gross capacity models to compliment the ever popular 2,600 kg, all models are available with the option of a fixed or hydraulic Tilt-bed.
Race Transporter 6  (from £15,369)
Race Transporter range is the most technological and innovative development to date in large format vehicle transport. Offering a significant choice of sizes and specifications from entry level, right through to fully featured professional racing equipment designed to provide everything for a successful race season.
Race Transporter 4  (from £10,289)
Race Transporter 4 provides affordable transportation for a range of medium sized road cars and race cars, fully enclosed in a light weight, modern aerodynamic body. Race Transporter 4 has a high level of standard specification including full height rear door ramp with gas spring assistance, LED lighting and a 5 year chassis warranty.